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CADCells.com offers the following CAD services:

2D CAD Drafting or 3D CAD Modeling:

We offer our 2D drafting or 3D modeling services for your project.
(2D drafting - $60/hr, 3D modeling - $70/hr)

CAD Conversion:
Have your raster files converted to intelligent Microstation CAD drawings.
Or have your AutoCAD files converted to Microstation.

Document to Adobe PDF:
We can document your projects to PDF format.
We can also document your existing cell libraries into PDF format creating
a handy reference notebook of your cell libraries.

Cell Library Creation:
Developing accurate CAD symbols is a tedious job.
We offer to develop your 2D or 3D cell libraries for your organization.
(2D cells - $60/hr, 3D cells - $70/hr)

Custom User Interface:
CADcells.com can create a custom user interface to enhance the
production of your CAD efforts.

Contact us for a free quote for any of these services.

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