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"Will these cell libraries work with other Bentley products?"
To verify whether or not the cell libraries will work with your Bentley software
(Triforma, PowerDraft, etc.), download the trial version and load it by following the instructions in the ReadMeFirst.txt file included with the trial. The instructions may not be exactly correct for your particular application, but should be close enough to help you.

Example... if you have PowerDraft and want to try the Cad-Library trial version,
load the custom user interface file (ustn.m01)  and try the library.

"Will these cell libraries work with my design files working units?"
If you are using Microstation J, contact me and I will provide you with a custom interface
file that will automactically scale them to suit.
If you are using Microstation v8, simply turn on the "true scale" option within the place active cell dialog box. All cells will then be placed true to scale no matter what your design file units are.

"Can I get a smaller version of a cell library?"
Yes. If a smaller version of a cell library would work best for you, simply contact me
with what you need. For instance, if you're interested in the Piping-Library but you only
need the Carbon Steel pipe fittings, I can modify the library and get back to you with
ordering information.

"Have you upgraded CADcells to work with Microstation XM"?
Yes, all libraries and pull-down menus have been upgraded to now work with
Microstation XM. Please contact me for your upgrade.

"Will there be a cost to upgrade my cadcells library to Microstation XM"?
Yes. Your upgrade cost will very depending on how many cadcells libraries and
user licenses you have. The upgrade typically costs 25 percent of your original
purchase. Please contact me for your upgrade cost.

"Do you have any other cell libraries in stock"?
Yes. I am always working on new cell libraries and updating existing ones. If you cannot find what your looking for, simply contact me to see if I have the symbol(s) you need. 

"I just upgraded my Microstation J to Microstation v8. My cell
libraries won't work now. What happened"?

The cell library you purchased that's compatible with Microstation J need to be upgraded as well. Upgrades are available by contacting me. Once I establish you have ordered from me in the past, I will get back to you with ordering information. Upgrade costs are 25% of the original purchase price.

"Can I add my own cells to the library"?
The license agreement does not allow the end user to modify the cell libraries. If you have
your own cells that you'd like to include in a picticular library, contact me and I'll take a
look at what's involved and get back to you with a new price for the customized library.
CadCells.com does not offer support for customizing the libraries.
Also, you can purchase any cell library under a "purchase agreement" which
will allow you to modify any cell library and also the menu bar. Under this
"purchase agreement", you can modify the program to best suit your needs.
Please contact me for the details.

"Can the cell libraries be loaded on a network server?"
Yes. The cell libraries can be loaded on a network server, but the user interface file (ustn.m01)
can only be loaded onto the number of cad machines that you have purchased licenses for.
For example: I
f there are 10 cad operators in a department and 3 of them will be using the library at the same time, then 3 licenses need to be purchased. All cell libraries can
be loaded onto a network server. The user interface file (ustn.m01) can only be loaded
onto 3 cad machines.

"Does your licensing require Bentley's licensing server?"
No. Licenses are maintained by you the purchaser. The license file must be loaded onto
each cad machine that has the library software loaded.

"After purchasing a cell library using a credit card thru PayPal, can I download
the cell library?"
Yes. After going thru the PayPal ordering process, click on the "Return to Merchant" button.
You will then be prompted to download the software to your computer.

"How do I order?"
There are a number of ways to order.

Credit Card: Visa - Master Card - American Express - Discover Card
Online credit card orders are accepted using the "BUY NOW" buttons on the bottom of
each web page. You will be taken to PayPal.com's  secure online server. There you can purchase the cell library. Sorry, credit card orders can not be accepted by telephone or fax.

Purchase Order:

Mail your PO to: CadCells.com
                             215 Ludwig Road
                             New Castle, PA 16105
Invoices are payable within 30 days. Shipping and handling charges are
included in the price.

Check or Money Order: A link is provided that will take you to a printable order form
under "How to Order" at the bottom of each product's web page.
Please fill out the form, make check or money order payable to CadCells.com, and mail form and check or money order to: CadCells.com
                                            215 Ludwig Road
                                            New Castle, PA 16105

All orders are shipped within 24 hours of receiving them via Priority Mail. Shipping
and handling charges are included in the price.

All prices listed on web site are in U.S. dollars.

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