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3D Architectural Library
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3d plant symbols example

This easy to use library contains thousands of 3D cells commonly found in Industrial Plants such as Automotive, Water/Wastewater, Steel Mills, Chemical plants, Power and any light to heavy
Manufacturing Plant. Cells can also be used for Commercial and Residential buildings.

Plant Design Software's (PDS) are expensive and complicated.
Implementing a PDS into your organization could take years to do and cost you tens
of thousands of dollars. With 3D CAD Library your company can build a 3D Plant model
in a short time and the cost of this 3D CAD Library is a fraction of what my
competitors charge. Using just Microstation tools, you can extract 2D plans, sections, and
isometric views from your 3D models to be used for your drawings.
Click here to view real 3D plant models created using this library.

3D CAD Library includes: Piping cells, Electrical cells, Architectural cells, and HVAC cells.
3D CAD Library is your low cost alternative to other high end software solutions!
You will be able to model a plant or building in no time.
All this makes 3D CAD Library an excellent investment.

Now let's look at what's included in 3D CAD Library:
(There are over 6,660 mechanical,electrical,architectural and hvac cells in this library!)

Click on the links below to see what you get:

   3D Architectural Library
  3D Piping Library
  3D Electrical Library
  3D HVAC Library

Also, you can view this complete library in PDF format by: clicking here

No learning curve - you'll be productive in seconds!
No complicated software to learn, simply point and click to the 3D cell you want.
Any novice Microstation user can be productive almost immediately!

Screen shot of custom menu:

3d cad library screen shot

This library can be easily loaded into MicroStation's menu bar for quick access.  Full instructions are included. Once loaded, "3D-CAD-Library" will appear in the menu bar. Just point and click to choose from a wide range of 3D cells. All selections are made from pull down menus. And to guarantee that all fittings are inserted to scale, the menu bar will automatically set your active scale to 1 (AS=1) and your active angle to zero (AA=0). Just be sure the "true scale" option is clicked on in the Microstation "place cell dialog box".

System requirements...

PC compatible with Microstation v8.
60 megabytes of available disc space.

The "3D-CAD-Library" with an easy-to-use point & click menu
system can be  yours for the low price of only:

Single user license: $499.00
2-12 user license: $399.00 (each)
Unlimited user license: $5,000.00

The number of licenses you need is based on how many cadd designers will be using the cell library at the same time. For example, if there are 10 cadd designers in a department and 3 of them will be using the library at the same time, then 3 licenses need to be purchased. In this case, the cell library can be installed on 3 separate computers or on a network server for
use by 3 cadd designers only.

You'll be productive as soon as you receive it.
And don't forget about the 30 day money back guarantee.


Download the demos!
Click here to download a free version of the "Libraries"
It's a fully functional user interface that contains a small sample of cells.

You'll need WinZip® to open this file.
If you do not have WinZip®, you can download the free trial version here.

How To Order
Place your secure credit card order here:

Get it shipped on CD:

Single user license: $499.00
  2-12 user license: $399.00 (each)
  Unlimited user license: $5,000.00

Download it now :

Upon completion of the ordering process, click on the
"Return to Merchant" button to download your order.

After downloading, open the zip file and double click on
the "ReadMeFirst.txt" file for loading instructions.

  Single user license only: $499.00

Upgrade for Microstation XM and v8i:

Only $125.00

Purchase Order:
PO's are accepted only with company letterhead by fax or mail.
All invoices are payable within 30 days.

Mailing Address:
215 Ludwig Road
New Castle, PA 16105

To order with check or money order here:

Click here to mail your order via printable form

All CD orders are shipped via Priority Mail in the U.S.
All orders outside the U.S. are shipped by Air Mail.
All shipping and handling charges are included in the price(s).

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